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Transform your home and discover the art of bespoke floors and walls with Screed Worx, where we bring a fusion of beauty and longevity to every home. Our residential services are designed to infuse your living spaces with elegance and character. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, our professional team ensures top-quality workmanship in every project. From luxurious pigmented screeds to durable epoxy finishes, our decorative solutions are tailored to elevate your home’s aesthetic.

Trust Screed Worx for a personalized approach to turning your residential vision into a reality.


Screed Worx is a leader in crafting high-grade epoxy and tinted urethane floors for industrial settings where strength meets style. Our epoxy floors are renowned for their resilience, providing a seamless and impervious surface ideal for high-traffic and heavy-duty areas. Tinted urethane floors offer a durable and flexible coating that resists wear, making them perfect for industrial spaces that demand longevity and ease of maintenance. Chose us for Enduring Epoxy & Robust Tinted Urethane Floors.

With Screed Worx, expect an industrial flooring solution that delivers on durability without compromising on a polished, professional look.


Our commercial application expertise lies in Pigmented Screed, Epoxy and Tinted Urethane Floors, offering a multitude of benefits and advantages. Epoxy delivers a seamless and durable finish, perfect for high-traffic areas. On the other hand, Pimented screed and tinted urethane floors offersleekness  and dursbility for high-volume commercial spaces. With our professional team and commitment to excellence, trust Screed Worx to elevate your commercial space with exceptional decorative solutions.

Experience the fusion of beauty and longevity for your commercial floors with Screed Worx.

Pigmented Screed

Transform your indoor spaces with the rich, mottled beauty of pigmented screeds offered by Screed Worx. 

Quartz Carpet floors

 The smooth stones underfoot offer a unique tactile sensation and bring the natural world’s beauty into your space.

Epoxy Floors

 Designed to stand up to the rigors of industrial use, our epoxy flooring solutions deliver a hard-wearing surface that’s built to last.

tinted urethane floors

Tinted urethane is a roller-coat system that gives you a sleek monotone colour. This application will be ideal for garage floors or high-traffic areas. We have a wide variety of colours available for selection.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is generally a multistep process, whereby machines equipped with diamond-segmented abrasives gradually grind down concrete surfaces to the desired degree of shine and smoothness.

Decorative Wall Coatings

As one of the preferred Paintsmith’s application teams, we specialise primarily in Midas Earthcote products, offering a large range of various decorative wall coatings. Conveniently, our team is also always handy to create a feature wall for you whilst busy screeding your floors.


Prioritizing customer satisfaction is our foremost commitment! While we stand by our word, the real testament lies in the success stories shared by our valued customers. Explore their firsthand experiences with Screed Worx and see the difference for yourself

Blom du Plessis

Such a pleasure working with Screedworx! From the very beginning of the project, they’ve been very communicative and helpful in helping us make all our choices and helping correctly schedule the floors along with the rest of our renovations. The team worked very quickly and efficiently, and made sure we were 100% happy along the way.

The floors are absolutely stunning, we are SO happy! They clean so easily and look beautiful. We look forward to working with Screedworx again when we do the rest of our floors, and would definitely recommend them to anyone interest in getting screed flooring done.

Adeeb Hofmeyer

Gideon and his team are excellent at what they do! Initially I was skeptical as I didn’t have proper references for screed floors but that was soon put to ease when Gideon invited me to his place to see the product in its final state. From the first meeting to the final walk through , he has shown complete professionalism throughout. Its been an absolute pleasure dealing with Screedworx, a company that’s honest, professional and goes above and beyond to meet expectations. Would definitely recommend if you looking to screed your floors

Bradly Rawlings

Gideon has vast experience and a professional team.
His pre site visits and his guidance helped us immensely in our decision making and the end result was just what we wanted. Flooring looks fantastic and quality is A grade.


By far one of the best upgrades to my house, I find myself lying on the ground a little more than I like to admit. In fact I got rid of all my carpets/animal hides. Everything looks tenfold more tidy and my guest even offer to take off their shoes before entering the premises.