The Practical Choice for Modern Flooring

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Vibrant Versatility Meets Longevity

Step into a world where colour meets endurance with Screed Worx’s Tinted Urethane Floors. We specialize in both domestic and industrial flooring solutions that redefine durability. Our Tinted Urethane Floors are the advanced, long-lasting cousins of traditional ‘stoep paint’, offering a richness of colour and a life expectancy that sets a new standard for floor coatings.

A Spectrum of Colors for Every Space

Imagine a floor that reflects your personal style or brand identity. Available in an array of colours, our roll-on Tinted Urethane application empowers you to choose the perfect shade to complement your garage, stoep, or any outdoor space. The monochrome finish adds a professional, clean look that is both practical and pleasing to the eye.

Crafted for Performance

Screed Worx understands the demands of high-traffic areas, which is why our Tinted Urethane Floors are formulated to resist the harsh elements, frequent use, and the spills and impacts of everyday life. Whether for a cozy home setting or a bustling industrial environment, our floors promise a seamless blend of form and function.

Tinted Urethane Floors: The Practical Choice for Modern Flooring

Choose the expertise of Screed Worx for a flooring solution that doesn’t just last but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space. With our Tinted Urethane Floors, expect a premium, mono-finish surface that stands the test of time, foot traffic, and the ever-changing Cape Town weather. Upgrade your space with a floor that’s built to impress and designed to endure.


  • Versatile for both industrial strength needs and residential beauty.
  • Comes in an almost limitless range of colors for complete customization.
  • Roll-on application ensures a smooth, uniform finish for any space.
  • Highly durable with a longer lifespan compared to traditional floor paints.
  • Ideal for garage floors due to its resilient nature.
  • Monotone finish offers a clean, professional look suitable for various settings.
residential tinted urethane flooring