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Discover the Rich Palette of Pigmented Screeds

Transform your indoor spaces with the rich, mottled beauty of pigmented screeds offered by Screed Worx. This luxurious, 3mm cementitious screed brings a dynamic and lustrous feel to any room, blending seamlessly with your existing floor or wall substrates. Perfect for those who seek a harmonious balance between sophistication and durability.

Tailored to Perfection

Available in an extensive range of colors, our pigmented screeds are crafted to suit your unique style and preferences. Whether you’re looking to create a subtle, earthy ambiance or bold statement with vibrant shades, Screed Worx has the perfect hue to match your vision.

Versatility Meets Durability

Screed Worx pigmented screeds are not just about aesthetic appeal; they are also renowned for their practical benefits. The strength inherent in our 3mm cementitious layer ensures longevity and resistance to the wear and tear of everyday life, making it an ideal choice for residential and light commercial spaces.

Pigmented Screeds: The Fusion of Art and Functionality

At Screed Worx, your floors and walls should reflect your personal taste and functional needs. Our pigmented screeds promise just that – a blend of artistic expression with the practicality required for modern living. Elevate your interiors with a flooring solution that stands out for its striking finish and robust performance.

  • Ideal for residential settings, offering a sleek and contemporary look.
  • Durable 3mm cementitious layer, perfect for everyday home activities.
  • Aesthetic mottled finish that adds a touch of sophistication to any room.
  • Available in a vast array of colors to match any home decor style.
  • Suitable for application over existing tiles or wall substrates for easy renovation.
  • Provides a smooth, lustrous feel underfoot, enhancing the comfort of living spaces.
pigmented screed