A question we are often asked...

At Screed Worx we are often asked by people, “Are Screed Floors Cold?”. Will you believe me when I tell you that a screed floor can actually be warmer than stone or tiles? We know it doesn’t seem like it should make sense, but here is why. Cement has a very high thermal mass, which really just means that it can hold temperature.

So, for Winter on our doorstep, your cement based floor will keep your room nice and cozy. Once the heaters are switched off your do floor will absorb and retain the heat. This of course in turn lowers the usage of heating units and thus saves electricity. If electric heating is not your things then consider adding screed flooring around your fireplace. A fireplace will also warm up cement floors in the same way.

The very smooth appearance of a screed floor works well with carpets and rugs in terms of a new interior design or style but also to assisting in heat insulation.

The advantages of specifying a decorative screed or cement finish floor for your next project:

• Durability: A very strong floor for a home or a construction area.

• Cost effectiveness and longevity: A floor that well outlast your initial investment. Rarely needs replacement and remains time-less and classic.
Cement-based floors rarely need replacement, especially if properly installed and maintained.

• Maintenance: Screedworx’ floors are all sealed to help resist water, stains, dirt and abrasives so once the floor is installed.

• Odourless: Decorative screed floors is odourless and does not hold pet smells, dust, fleas etc. A very hygienic floor choice.

• Non-toxic: These floors do not emit any VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

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