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Epoxy floors are everywhere and it must have crossed your path, either in a residential, or commercial setting. The real question to ask is why this floor trend is growing so much in popularity? Other than the aesthetic reasons of beauty and décor, there is also a range of functional reasons why this floor finish is the smart choice for business managers and property owners. This floor finish can add a wide range of values to your property of facility ranging from antibacterial additives that keeps bacteria at bay to anti-slip additives that projects you from law suits.

durable exopy

The many properties that can be realised by hiring an epoxy expert like Screedworx are:

1. Antibacterial Properties.
With the rise of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria and the growing health concerns that come from exposure to mold, many facilities now require that hard surfaces, like flooring and coatings, support their germ and mold-fighting efforts. At Screedworx, our antibacterial epoxy flooring and other resinous coatings are powerful enough to meet today’s challenges, formulated to provide protection that stays strong and doesn’t fade. This epoxy defense system and antibacterial protection is regularly chosen by facilities with high standards for sanitation and hygiene, including:

  • Medical manufacturing facilities for hospitals
  • Medical research and laboratories
  • Food and beverage processing plants
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Locker rooms and shower rooms

Screedworx Epoxy floors’ antibacterial additives reduces odour!


2. Safety | Anti-Slip
It is so easy for an employee or even a business visitor to slip on your premises. Screedworx’s epoxy floors contains anti-slip additives to provide extra grip to areas that tend to be at risk of a fall accident. In addition, epoxy floors provide an impermeable layer of protection that will pool liquids for easy identification of the spill, then even easier clean up. Epoxy floors also require less maintenance as it do not require constant waxing, thus saving a few rands.

3. Natural ambient lighting reduces electricity bills
I am sure you’re wondering how a floor has an effect on electrical consumption but it can play a major role in improving lighting and cutting the costs when an epoxy floor with high light reflectivity is implemented in your office building floors, hotels, restaurants, and other public facility. This saves energy by reducing artificial lighting requirements and or reducing the necessary output levels, thus cutting costs of electric required to achieve the same level of lighting.

4. Epoxy floors are long lasting and durable
Screedworx goes the extra mile to reduce the likelihood of cracking and peeling as is the case with cheaper brands. Choose from a wide variety of colours that will compliment your space, or request a creative inlay if that is what floats your boat. If heavy industrial traffic does make its mark over time, epoxy floors can be lightly sanded and re-coated at a fraction of the initial cost to have them back to a showroom shine.

Discussing your specific needs with a reputable epoxy installer like Screedworx www.screedworx.co.za is the best way to ensure you’re getting the right product, providing the best protection for your commercial or industrial needs. If you are interested in having one of our epoxy experts speak with you about the unique needs of your business, call or click today for a no obligation quote.
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